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SATS information

SATS Information

At the end of year 2 (May) your children will take part in their statutory assessment tests (SATS). These tests are designed to see at what attainment your child has reached at the end of Key stage 1 (KS1). For English, there are multiple tests they must do. These include, a SPAG paper (Spelling punctuation and grammar), Reading paper 1 (reading and questions in the same booklet) and reading paper 2 (seperate reading and question booklet). 




Spellings in the test could involve the following, common exception works, words beginning with wr, homophones and near homophones eg see and sea, words spelt with kn or gn like knock or gnome, words in contracted form e.g can't, don't etc, words with c, i, e and y e.g. rice, race etc, words with "le" like apple and table etc, words ending in tion e.g. station, fraction. spelling with suffixes like ment, ness, full e.g. amazement, adding es to nouns that changes the y to i e.g. flies, babies. Adding suffixes er, ing, ed and est where you take away the e e.g. copied, copier.

Please keep an eye out for our weekly spellings as they will involve lots of these spellings.




In Year 2 children are expected to use the following punctuation;

- Use full stops and capital letters. (Capital letters for proper nouns and starts of sentences)

- Use question marks and exclamation marks.

- Use commas in a list.

-Use apostrophes for contraction and possession.

Below are some SATS based example questions for Punctuation questions.




In year 2 children's grammar will be focused on the following things; Identifying verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, Using noun phrases in writing e.g. big balloon. Use coordinating conjunctions to form compound sentences e.g. and, but, so, yet, Use subordinating conjunctions to add extra information e.g. when, if, that because, Know if a sentence is a statement, question, command or exclamation. Know and write in the correct tense e.g. past or present. Below are some questions that are likely to appear in the Grammar section of the SPAG paper.


Here are 2 examples of test papers to show you what they would be like. The questions will test children on their ability to read fluently, blend and segment unknown words and phrases, test comprehension and understanding of reading by testing vocabulary knowledge, inference, retrieval, prediction and test their ability to sum up what they have read.