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Please make sure that all children have a coat during this cold weather snap.
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As we enter Autumn, please make sure your child has a sweatshirt and coat in school. For outdoor PE sessions they will need trainers/daps, joggers/leggings and a sweatshirt or hoodie.

Other Faiths

Term 4 2024:

Whole school visit to St Paul's Church of England with Reverend Jaqui


Term 6 2024:

Year 3 and year 5 to visit the Sikh Gurdwara with Jarvinder

Year 4 and Year 6 to visit the Hindu Temple with Kamlesh


Diwali celebration 2023

Visit to the Mosque Year 3 and year 5

Diwali and Hindu Visitor 2019-2020


While looking at the faith Hinduism, we had a special visitor come to Holy Cross to talk to us about Diwali and about Hinduism. Our special visitor is a parent from our own school. She came to each class from Reception to year 6 and spoke to us about life as a Hindu. Reception spoke about Diwali, Year 1 looked at the story of Krishna, Year 2 looked at prayer and home life, Year 3  looked at special places like the Mandir, Year 4 looked at a Hindu creation story and compared it to the Christian Creation stories, Year 5 looked at the story of Brahman and year 6 spoke about Karma.