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Our S48 report is now available to read. We are pleased to inform you that we have been judged as an outstanding Catholic school. Please see the Ofsted page in the Key Information section.
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Please make sure that your children's belongings, especially sweatshirts, are labelled clearly.


As part of our literacy provision, we offer a computer-based intervention called Nessy. Nessy is designed to support students with their reading, writing and spelling and is particularly good for children with dyslexia or those needing further consolidation of key literacy skills. It uses a variety of videos and online games to teach key skills in a fun, engaging way. It includes:


  • Nessy Fingers: a motivating touch-typing program that helps improve reading, spelling and typing skills
  • Nessy Reading and Spelling: a personalised program, developing phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and reading comprehension
  • Nessy Writing Beach: teaches sentence structure, punctuation and grammar strategies for writing


Children using Nessy are given regular, short opportunities to access the program throughout the week within the classroom. This time is closely monitored by the class teacher who can generate reports of their progress.


Further details can be found here: