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Message from Mrs Kingston We have noticed increasing levels of playground chat about the game Fortnite— Battle Royale which is a PEGI 12+ gun battle game which requires players to work as a team. The main risks to children are interacting with strangers and also making costly in-app purchases. If your child is talking about Fortnite, please follow this link to find out more about it. https:// fortnite-battle-royal-parents-guide-keepkids-safe-gaming/

School Council

We are pleased to announce our brand new school council has been elected for 2016.

Thank you to everyone who wrote a letter, gave a presentation and voted.

The new school council was announced to the school, they are already busy planning for the year.


Congratulations to Freya and Maliha (Year 6), Chloe and Declan (Year 5) Jayden and Minnie (Year 4), Evie and Ruby (Year 3) Daniel and Kamilly (Year 2). We are sure that all of the members are going to be great ambassadors for their classes.

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Term 2 update 

The School Council have been busy listening to their classmates and taking their view on Holy Cross.They fedback to their meeting that the children enjoy the food that is being served at lunchtimes. During their meeting they raised that the children had voted for 'Friendship Friday'. This is the day of the week where children are able to sit next to anyone they wish. It was agreed with Mrs Kingston that this would happen at the start of term 3. Keep an eye out to see how successful this will be.

From listening to their classmates it was also suggested that mirrors be fitted within the Key Stage 2 toilets.