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Mrs Kingston's moto of the Term, Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen

Chaplaincy Team

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Chaplaincy Team: Commissioned at Clifton Cathedral, 6th October, 2016.


Today our Chaplaincy team went to Clifton Cathedral to be commissioned by Bishop Declan. The children had a wonderful time and found out about: life as a refugee, the Lampedusa Cross and explored Bible stories relating to the works of Mercy. Below are individual comments made by the Chaplaincy team after being commissioned. 


We were asked to talk to children from different schools, like St Pius, St. Joseph’s. Christ the King and St Bonaventure’s.



We met the bishop and he gave us our badges. He answered questions and we sang ‘Christ Be Our Light,’ ‘Shine Jesus Shine,’ ‘Everyday God’ and ‘Be Still’. It was fun!



Today I went to Clifton Cathedral and met lots of different schools. We met an old classmate. I saw Bishop Declan and he presented me with my chaplaincy badge. We are going to meet up with Christ the King Catholic School to do something together.



I met Bishop Declan at Clifton Cathedral and I met children from some schools called St Pius, St Bonaventure’s, St Joseph’s and Christ the King. We sang some hymns and near the end I got my badge. I love it, thank you.



Today we had a meeting with Bishop Declan…we had a BLAST!



I saw lots of schools and I liked talking to the different classes. Clifton Cathedral looked very modern and new. I learnt a few new hymns and also sang some from before. I enjoyed going.


Chaplaincy Team: Commissioned at Clifton Cathedral on 6th October 2016.

Our new Chaplaincy team have been appointed. 

On Monday 26th September they visited St Brendan's to take part in their inductions. This gave them the opportunity to meet with other Chaplaincy teams and get to know each other. 

The team are very excited for this wonderful role, here is what they had to say about being chosen. 


"I felt that it would bring me closer to God," Evie


"I just felt the need to help our school in prayer and worship." JJ


"I thought it would be a chance to work with people who I don't normally work with and children from other schools," Tosia


"I will be able to work with younger children and can teach them about God," Lily


"I will be able to bring other people to the family of God," Bradley 


"It will bring me closer to God through prayer," Mya