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We wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas. See you on Wednesday 5th January 2022

Week 4

This week in class we will be taking part in our intofilm project.


Watch your favourite film/ part of your favourite film.


Activity 1

Write about why this is your favourite film. What is it that makes it so special? Does it remind you of a particular thing?


Activity 2

You are going to write an audio description of your favourite film. Get an adult to mute the film for you. Imagine you had to watch the film without any sound. How would you describe it to somebody else? 

Here is an example of a frozen audio description 


Activity 3 

Can you write a character description? Draw a picture of your favourite character and write a list of adjectives to describe your favourite film character.

Include these adjectives within a description of your favourite character.


Activity 4 - RE Write

Using your research of a saint, write about their story and why they were so important. (See RE page for more details)