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School reopens for pupils on Wednesday 5th January
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We wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas. See you on Wednesday 5th January 2022

Week 3

Art- Week 3- Session 1

Every week on a Friday we do Art. Please find below an adapted activity we would be doing together in class.

Children design and create a Batik affect using different stencils.

If you have not got stencils at home, you can create your own using cardboard or card.

Today you will create the first layer of a design (e.g. leaves)


You can create a pattern on a white Tshirt or an item, for example a box or something you want to decorate. If not, just do it in a big piece of paper.



WALT: Use different textiles to create a Batik effect.

Have a look at this design below for some ideas.