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Thank you to Miss Foster and all the staff for organising a fantastic international week last week. The children loved learning all about the many countries of the commonwealth.
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Thank you to everyone who took part in our fantastic international week celebrations last week. We especially loved sharing food from around the world on Friday. Check back later this week to see the photos.

Week 2

Art- Week 2

Every week on a Friday we do Art. Please find below an adapted activity we would be doing together in class.

Use a sharp pencil or a sharp stick to create a Batik effect. You can use polystyrene squares  or a piece or cardboard.



WALT: Use printing to create a Batik effect.


Recap on Batik patterns. Explain that we will be using printing to support use to create a Batik pattern.

Show children using polystyrene squares to create a pattern and print.

Art with Mrs Baly- Simple printing using a meat tray (polystyrene foam)

Hi Everyone,Welcome to the art studio. Today we will be creating prints using polystyrene foam from old meat trays. The prints you create can make great card...