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We wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas. See you on Wednesday 5th January 2022

Week 1


We are starting a new book this term called 'The Lonely Beast'. Follow the link to Tapestry, watch the video and follow the instructions within it.



RE Big Write - See RE planning



Watch The Lonely Beast from start to finish and complete the 'Describe a Monster' Worksheet



Read The Lonely Beast again and write a diary entry from the beasts point of view. You may want to re-cap those past tense verbs that we learnt about before half term.


Dear diary,

I was so lonely. I used to spend my days drinking tea, reading books and baking cakes but I didn't have anyone to share it with, I was all alone and wish I had a friend to have fun with. Then one day I had an idea, I decided go and find some other beasts. I started walking, I traveled through forests, mountains, rivers, cliffs, caves and even though the sea. When I got to the other side of the town.....

Lots of Love,

From the Beast xxx