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Message from Mrs Kingston We have noticed increasing levels of playground chat about the game Fortnite— Battle Royale which is a PEGI 12+ gun battle game which requires players to work as a team. The main risks to children are interacting with strangers and also making costly in-app purchases. If your child is talking about Fortnite, please follow this link to find out more about it. https:// fortnite-battle-royal-parents-guide-keepkids-safe-gaming/

Week 1

This week is all about writing instructions.

Watch the video below and use the 'how to wash a woolly mammoth' text (in resources below) to complete the following activities.


Tuesday - Explore what instructions are and look at the features of instructions using the example text 'how to wash your elephant'. Plan your own set of instructions for 'how to wash a woolly mammoth' using the planning template.


Wednesday - RE write. Retell the story of the shepherds. Please see the RE section of home learning.


Thursday - Write your instructions for how to wash a woolly mammoth using your planning sheet from Tuesday.


Friday - Look at examples of instructions using the example instructions powerpoint. Write a set of instructions of your own choice. It could be how to bake a cake, how to look after your dog, or how to play football. It is up to you.



How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth

Use this to support all activities throughout the week.