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The School is only open for Critical Key Workers Children. In the event of an emergency you can call Mrs James 07384450566 or Mrs Kingston on 07384450567
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Message from Mrs Kingston We have noticed increasing levels of playground chat about the game Fortnite— Battle Royale which is a PEGI 12+ gun battle game which requires players to work as a team. The main risks to children are interacting with strangers and also making costly in-app purchases. If your child is talking about Fortnite, please follow this link to find out more about it. https:// fortnite-battle-royal-parents-guide-keepkids-safe-gaming/


Holy Week

Morning, Next week is Holy Week in the Church. It would have been a really special time in school with lots of activities planned including a 'Stations of the Cross' assembly and a Lenten Penitential Service. Unfortunately we cannot come together as a family in the way that we had planned, but if you would like to, can I ask that you do something to celebrate Holy Week next week? They have Easter stories on Twinkl and videos on YouTube (check the content is suitable beforehand). If you could just go through what happens each day, starting with Palm Sunday this Sunday? (Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the little donkey and everyone put down palm leaves to show how special Jesus was, they didn't want him to walk on the dirty ground) You could make Palm crosses? (On Palm Sunday in church, the priest gives out palm crosses, these are then gathered back and burned to make the ashes that we receive the following Ash Wednesday) There are lots of activities on Mission Together, I use this website quite a lot in school so I know they are good quality. They ask you to come together, read a passage then talk about what they've read, then they do a little activity to finish, (like when they have the prayer bag home). The children are used to that format as we do it every Tuesday for collective worship and every Wednesday for Word on Wednesday. Here is the Mission together link:  This website has lots of craft ideas for Holy Week:  I'll post any other resources I find that are useful. There are a few gorgeous books online, I recommend The Easter Story-Brian Wildsmith, YouTube: