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We wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas. See you on Wednesday 5th January 2022


Collective Worship


Liturgical Year: Palm Sunday Cycle: B
Gospel: Mark 11: 1 – 10


This is Holy Week, and our Lent adventure has come to an end. This assembly firstly provides an opportunity for children to look back over how they tried to live more lovingly during Lent and, secondly, helps them to make their final preparations for Easter by saying sorry.


2021-03-29 Final Preparations (

Jesus performed an incredible act of love on Good Friday when He died on the cross for us, but that His acts of love started a long time before that. Jesus always loved and served others and that washing the feet was also a sign that He washes away our sins. Holy Week is also an excellent opportunity to make peace with God; that means to say sorry for the things we have done which have separated us from God. By dying on the cross, Jesus takes our sins away from us – it’s like He throws them in the bin so we can start again! What are you sorry for?