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If you would like to come visit our school please call the office on 01173772199.
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As we enter Autumn, please make sure your child has a sweatshirt and coat in school. For outdoor PE sessions they will need trainers/daps, joggers/leggings and a sweatshirt or hoodie.


Liturgical Year: 2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time Cycle: B
Gospel: John 1: 35 – 42

Through an unexpected introduction from John the Baptist, this week’s Gospel tells how Andrew became a disciple of Jesus through spending time at home in conversation with Him, relaxing. Children will learn that to get to know Jesus better they must spend time with Him – through reflection and prayer.


2021-01-18 An Unexpected Playdate (

Prayer helps us to get to know Jesus better. Prayer is having a chat with our friend Jesus in our hearts. What is Prayer for you? What do you use Prayer for?