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If you would like to come visit our school please call the office on 01173772199.
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As we enter Autumn, please make sure your child has a sweatshirt and coat in school. For outdoor PE sessions they will need trainers/daps, joggers/leggings and a sweatshirt or hoodie.


Collective Worship


Liturgical Year: 5th Sunday in Lent Cycle: B
Gospel: John 12: 20 – 33


Jesus says that we will only become the fruitful people we are meant to be if we are prepared to change. Throughout our Lent adventure, we have been trying to weed out unhelpful habits to make room for others. Inspired by the Gospel and the story, ‘Isabella Is Growing Up’, this assembly describes the beauty of that growth.


2021-03-22 Meant to Be (

Just like Isabella in the story, we all face change at different points in our lives. And just like in the Gospel when a seed has to die in the ground before it can grow into a plant, so we have to stop doing some things in order for us to grow.This is a good thing, and it is what we have been doing throughout Lent - ‘stopping’ doing some things to give us a chance to grow. What could YOU try and do in order to grow? Here’s some examples: - Tying your own tie or shoelaces instead of having somebody do it for you - Reading on your own instead of being read to - Feeding yourself instead of being fed