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We wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas. See you on Wednesday 5th January 2022


Collective Worship


Liturgical Year: 3rd Sunday of Easter Cycle: B
Gospel: Luke 24: 35 – 48


In the Gospel this week, the disciples struggle to believe that Jesus has truly risen from the dead until Jesus eats with them and teaches them. Children will learn that Jesus does the same with us in the Mass through the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist!


2021-04-19 Breaking Bread (


Imagine the scene when Grandma and Elijah are sitting on the sofa. Grandma is telling stories and they are eating flapjacks together. Do they look happy? Content? Like they know each other really well? Like they love being in each other’s company? Now imagine that the two people on the sofa are Jesus and you. Jesus is telling you stories and you are sharing your favourite food together. Jesus is your friend and loves spending time with you. How do you feel being with Jesus? What do you want to tell Him? Is there anything you want to ask Him?