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Thank you for joining us for a belated Coronation picnic on the school field. It was lovely to see so many of you enjoying time together relaxing and sharing family recipes.
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As we enter Autumn, please make sure your child has a sweatshirt and coat in school. For outdoor PE sessions they will need trainers/daps, joggers/leggings and a sweatshirt or hoodie.


Collective Worship


Liturgical Year: 2nd Sunday of Lent Cycle: B
Gospel: Mark 9: 2-10


In this week’s Gospel, Jesus is transfigured and revealed as God’s son. This changed Peter’s life: he wanted to participate fully with God’s creative plan! This assembly also invites a speaker to share a personal story of change in response to God’s plan, helping children to relate to their own experiences of change.


2021-03-01 Changing Faces (

Just like Jesus’ face was changed before him, this experience changed Peter. He became certain that Jesus was the Son of God and he wanted to follow Him. That can happen to us too! If Peter had been scared and run away – He wouldn’t have changed in the way He did. Fear can hold us back... but we know that sticking with Jesus gives us the strength we need to face any changes that might come. Write a prayer asking Jesus to give you strength to face something challenging that has happened to you recently or something you are worried about.