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Mrs Kingston's motto of the Term, Happy tiimes are never ending when we're playing & pretending

Writer of the week

What is writer of the week?


Each day the children will experience different writing opportunities in English or topic lessons. Every Friday, Myself (Mr Toogood), Miss Sanchez, Miss Tamlin and Mrs Matthews will come together to look at the children's writing and choose who we think has shown resilience, shown good progress and good presentation. The winner's work will be published on the website with their picture. Good luck year 1!

Term 1 - week 1


This week our writer of the week is this young pupil. He uses his phonics sounds well and this week has worked hard on his presentation! Well done!

Picture 1

Week 2

This week our writer of the week has shown great determination and great pride in her work. She has made good progress in sounding words out, using correct punctuation and the presentation of her work. Well doen

Picture 1

Week 4


This week our writer of the week is this young man. He has worked so hard on his presentation skills. He is really trying to do things for himself using sound mats and story mats to support his spelling! well done

Picture 1

week 5


Our writer of the week this week is this young lady for her AMAZING story writing.

Picture 1

Week 6


This week our star writer was chosen for his persuasive skills. Creating a persuasive letter.

Picture 1