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Message from Mrs Kingston We have noticed increasing levels of playground chat about the game Fortnite— Battle Royale which is a PEGI 12+ gun battle game which requires players to work as a team. The main risks to children are interacting with strangers and also making costly in-app purchases. If your child is talking about Fortnite, please follow this link to find out more about it. https:// fortnite-battle-royal-parents-guide-keepkids-safe-gaming/

Maths help

Term 4


This term we will move on from addition and subtraction (however skill taking part in our weekly gem challenge) We will move onto looking at measuring - length, height, weight and volume.

Objectives are.

Compare and describe length, height, weight and volume.

Begin to measure length, height, weight and volume.


You can support this at home by helping children to begin to measure in standard and non-standard units.

Term 3

This term we will heavily focus on the children's mental addition and subtraction. Below are the objectives that the children will be assessed against. Also below are some useful videos that will help children with mental addition and subtraction.

Read, write and interpret mathematical statements involving addition and subtraction.

Represent and use number bonds to 20

Add and subtract 1 digit numbers to 20 including zero

Solve one step problems involving pictorial representations and missing number problems.




Clifton Primary Videos. This is the first subtraction video which explains the calculations policy for year 1 subtraction.

Year 1 Addition & Subtraction - Chunking Method

Uploaded by Maendy Primary on 2017-05-27.

Missing Number Addition and Subtraction

Learn how to approach and solve addition and subtraction number sentences involving missing numbers on both the number line and hundred square. For additional support on simple addition and subtraction and how to use a hundred square or number line please watch our previous Flipped Learning Videos.

Term 2 Maths help.

Below are the themes that we will cover this term and below that are links to support the learning at home.If your child does any extra maths work at home please bring it in and we can celebrate their hard work and effort in school and show it proudly on our maths board.


Place Value x 2 weeks (weeks 1 and 2):


Counting up and down within 100

counting in 2s and 5s

representing numbers using objects and pictures.

One more/ one less than numbers within 100.


Addition and subtraction: X 3 weeks (Weeks 3, 4 and 5)


represent and use number bonds to 10 (2 numbers that make 10 e.g. 4 + 6 and 5 + 5 etc)

add 2 single digit numbers using objects and pictures.

solve missing number problems. e.g. 5 + ? = 8 and 8 - ? = 4 


Time x 2 weeks (Weeks 6 and 7)

tell time to O'clock and half past.

Solve practical problems involving time.

Record time in seconds, minutes and hours.

Use language of the days of the week and months of the year.

Put things in chronological order e.g. First, then etc.


Below are some links as to support the learning at home.




Term 1 maths help


The links below show some simple online games/ activities to support children's maths that we are doing in class this term.

100 square splat:

Count to and across 100 forwards and backwards

Addition of 2 1 digit numbers

Adding numbers within 5,10,20 

Read and write numbers 1-20 in words


Ordering words 1-20.

Number bonds to 10 (2 numbers that make 10)


Number bonds to 10 quick fire game.

Identify and name 2D and 3D Shapes