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Mrs Kingston's motto of the Term, Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen

English help

Term 2 Power of reading text: The snail and the whale.


This term we are studying 'The snail and the whale' by Julia Donaldson. This text is full of rich descriptive  language, imaginative rhymes and is an all round fantastic story. This term we will start the term using the text as a stimulus for lots of writing opportunities from postcards and stories to poems and non-chronological reports. If you don not know the story please see the link below.

The Snail and the Whale Julia Donaldson

The thrilling tale of a tiny snail and a great big grey-blue humpback whale. Read by Eluned Michael Music by Kate Rusby (no copyright infringement is intended. Please check out this book from your local library or find your own copy at most reputable book stores.)

Term 1 Power of reading book: Traction man.


From week 3 we will begin work on our term 1 class story, Traction man. The video shows the story and is one that is great to share with the whole family. We will write diaries, letters, descriptive pieces, instructions and even our own adventure for Traction man,

Traction Man is Here! - Books Alive!

Books Alive present a reading of Mini Grey's Traction Man is Here! Your everyday hero in your everyday home fighting everyday bad guys and saving everyday things. Hilarious story of a boy's action man and where his imagination takes them both...and the trusty scrubbing brush sidekick!



This year there will be a big push on cursive handwriting. Cursive handwriting is useful for children learning to join their letters to form words. The video below shows the correct formation of letters used for cursive handwriting. Any support at home will be of great benefit to your child's presentation.

Cursive Handwriting: How to Write the Alphabet

This is a cursive writing demonstration video showing how to write the letters of the alphabet. It models how to write the letters of the alphabet using cursive script. Cursive handwriting is commonly taught in schools across the world.