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Holy Cross

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Mrs Kingston's motto of the Term, Happy tiimes are never ending when we're playing & pretending

Collective worship and Mass

In Collective Worship this week Willow ad Krystian set up a thoughtful display with the words 'love' and 'peace' as we were thinking about the terrible events that have happened lately throughout the world. We said a prayer for the people in Florida and other areas affected by Hurricane Irma and those people who were hurt in the terrorist attack in London.

We also thought about those people who had lost someone they loved lately and said a special prayer for them.

We shared some thoughts about special people we had lost.

We ended with a nice happy song to celebrate those special people that were no longer with us, but with you in Heaven.


We made a prayer:


Dear God, 

Please be with those people who have lost someone special,

Help us to be kind to them and understand how they feel.